The FLEX Array LED light is an expandable performance LED light bar.  Consisting between 5 and 15 cores, the Arrays are available as a standalone unit, complete with a side mount adapters and a u-bracket. The patented power systems allows multiple Arrays to be linked and even stacked together to create single and multiple-row LED light systems – the possibilities and applications are endless.

Flex Array LED Light Bars 10"

$577.97 Regular Price
$477.26Sale Price
Beam Pattern
  • #273 KC FLEX Array LED 10” Light Bar Spot Beam System - Includes one 50-watt 10” FLEX Array LED light bar and wiring harness #275 KC FLEX Array LED 10” Light Bar Combo Beam System - Includes one 50-watt 10” FLEX Array LED light bar and wiring harness Flex Array LED light bars are available in our combo (spot/spread) beam pattern and come standard with black bodies and gold bezels. Optional add-on red, blue or black changeable bezels are also available and allow for additional personalization. Flex Arrays LED lights are sturdy and produce a tremendous amount of light at a distance. Flex housings and light cores are made with high-grade aluminum and use precision tuned reflector optics. Flex Arrays are perfect for use with all off road Jeep, Truck and SUV LED and UTV/ATV LED lighting applications. • Features 10W Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs • Total Wattage: 10" = 50W • 5,700K Color Temperature • 50,000 Hour LED Life • Precision Reflector Optics • Raw Lumens: 10" Array (Spot Beam) - 4,875 LM, 20" Array (Combo Beam) - 9,750 LM, 30" Array (Combo Beam) - 14,625 LM • Lux @ 10 Meters: 10" Array (Spot beam) - 1,200 LX, 20" Array (Combo Beam) - 1,900 LX, 30" Array (Combo Beam) - 2,700 LX, • Candela: 10" Array (Spot Beam) - 120,000 CD, 20" Array (Combo Beam) - 190,000 CD, 30" Array (Combo Beam) - 270,000 CD, • Spot or Combo (spot/spread) Beam Pattern on 10” Flex Array LED Light Bars • Combo Spot / Spread Beam Pattern on 20” Flex Array LED Light Bars • Aluminum Housings • Operates on 9 to 18 Volts • IP68 Rated • Protected Against EMI Interference • Includes Wiring Harness with Waterproof Connectors
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