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Customer Testimonials

At STMW we know as a newer company that one of the most important aspects to success is word of mouth from happy customers. Therefore, we hope that this testimonials page will help you in your decision on whether to purchase STMW or not. These Testimonials are not made up by the STMW staff but are sent in via email to If you have a testimonial you would like to add please forward it to the STMW staff. Once again, we appreciate our customers and all that they have done for us. STMW would not be a success without the positive words that we have heard! Thanks again for choosing to #STNDOUT!               - STMW Team

Cameron Sims


I have the R&D 2014 Chevy Silverado that STMW did Front and rear bumpers and grill on my overall experience was fantastic workmanship was off the charts as was customer service I felt like I was not only a customer but a true friend
I have and will continue to send my friends and fellow club members to STMW because of what they do and who they are.
Thanks again
Looking forward to doing more this year with STMW

Will Clark


I currently own a stmw bumper on my 2013 Duramax and I can't say enough about the quality of the work they do and how great the guys are that build them. I constantly receive complements and looks all the time. I was recently in a car accident in my truck where I hit a concrete barrier at 55 mph head on and if it wasn't for the amazing worksmanship of my bumper my truck would be destroyed but luckily the bumper took all the impact and barelydamaged the bumper and probably saved me and the other people in my vehicle from getting injured really badly. Needless to say I would never run any other bumper other than showtimemetalworks they build everything with there name on it and they do a amazing job... Thanks guys

John Armstrong


The STMW bumper on my 2012 F250 not only looks great, but is built the right way. The bumper bolted right up without any problems. It fits the truck perfectly, and the powder coat was also spot on. There are not any flaws in the paint and the welds are smooth. Everything on the bumper is great and I will definitely be running more of the STMW products on my truck, and future trucks. The guys at STMW are also the kind of guys you want to do business with. Excellent customer service, quick to reply, and know what they're doing! Thanks for getting the bumper built and doing a great job on it.

Lucas Dobarganes


2015 silverado 2500 - I have had nothing but good experiences with your products. I had a tough deadline to meet and Brandon came through for me and made sure I was taken care of. And even now is helping me take care of my first low quality paint job I had done at an outside source. As for the product itself I couldn't he happier. It completely changed the look of the entire truck.

Raleigh Jeffrey


I ordered an STMW front bumper for my 2011 Silverado 1500 and received outstanding customer support. I even got a call before the bumper was finished being built and was asked if I wanted it powder coated in a specific color. Overall rating of 10/10 on customer support and quality of the item, and I plan on ordering a rear bumper from STMW soon.

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