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Why ShowTime Metal Works


We understand that in the truck aftermarket industry there are many choices, brands, and designs that you can choose from. We hope that through our passion, hard work, and innovation you choose to #STNDOUT.

All STMW Products Are Handmade in TX

One of the most important facts about  ShowTime Metal Works, (if not the most important) is that all STMW products are handmade in the great Lonestar State of TX. We care so much about the quality of our products that we are not willing to sacrifice quality for: mass production, higher profit margins, or "new" designs monthly. In fact, each and every STMW product is still handbuilt by the original two founder/owners of ShowTime Metal Works. We build each product to order for quality assurance. To date we have yet to have a single product returned for quality issues or poor fitment. We understand this increases our prices and shipping times, but nothing is worth the sake of quality. We stand behind our work and our name.

Be Different

When STMW first started our design philosophy our main priority and goal after quality was, "How can STMW change the industry?" We knew that there were already many great companies and designs in the industry. Yet we felt that there was almost a monotony to to the industry. The last thing we wanted to do was come out with another cookie cutter design. We went through multiple designs and prototypes before coming out with the current STMW design.  If you follow STMW on social media one of the big things you will notice is our #STNDOUT motto. We truly took this to heart. We understand that our design is not for everyone. But for those who chose STMW, we wanted them to truly StandOut from the rest! I mean why else do you build a truck?

Customer's Deserve Great Service and Even Greater Recognition
STMW Shows
Up Big

We knew that having a great quality product that stood out would not be enough to keep a company thriving. One of our main focuses is our customer service. Many times when a customer emails or calls they are talking to one of the original owners. We truly do care about our customers. Now many other companies have great customer service. We decided to take it a step further, and that is recognition. What do we mean by that? One thing that we truly try and do is to give our customers the recognition they deserve whether it is being front and center on our website or through our very large social media following. We do not constantly post our own vehicles or our big sponsored builds. We try to post up our customer's personal vehicles and give them recognition for their hard work. From low budget daily-drivers to large SEMA builds; we understand that your build is special and we truly want to thank you as a customer for choosing to #STNDOUT.

Now you may be wondering why "STMW shows up big" is important to you as customer. When you run STMW products you are representing ShowTime Metal Works as a company and our owners. Therefore, we want you to know as a customer that we as the face of the company will ALWAYS show up big. We want you to be proud that you are a part of the STMW Family. You are an extension of us just as we are an extension of you. From SEMA shows to local shows we will never let you know. From our 2015 F450 Platinum build, 2015 F350 Platinum build, our 2015 Duramax build, and all our previous builds; we mean business. We want to be the biggest, baddest, and most well put together builds out there. We want to STNDOUT right beside you.

The Choice is Yours. Will you

Choose To #STNDOUT?

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