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Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope this answers any and all questions you may have. If your questions is not answered here you can reach us at Thanks for reading!


How long does shipping take?


6-8 Weeks from order. All STMW products are hand built to order. We take pride in the fact that the original two founders of STMW still hand build each STMW product. We have always believed in quality over quanity. We try to accommodate special requests but the best is worth waiting for. Thank you for your understanding. Please provide a commercial address for shipping. Not residential.



Can I get bumpers color matched or in custom colors?


Not currently. Originally STMW did color match / custom coat our bumpers. However, we have found that it is difficult to perfectly match bumpers. Also, painted bumpers are more prone to scratch during shipment. We do however ship bumpers raw now so that you are able to have them custom done locally. If you have absolutely no options near you we will do our absolutely to try and accommodate. We still recommend sand blasting all steel parts before powder or paint.

Does STMW Sponsor


Not currently. We do not have a large quanity of products in stock and it is difficult to sponsor hand built products. If you feel your vehicle is worth sponsoring (SEMA booth etc) you may contact Tyler at but please understand it is VERY rare that we sponsor. We want customers that want to run our products, not those who just want free stuff. Thanks for understanding.


If my truck isnt on your website do you still offer products for it?


No. Our website is daily updated with new products for different year/makes/models. If it isnt on the website we dont offer it. However, if you see your a truck on our social media or gallery with our products on it but not in the store email us because we may have just added it to our lineup.


What is the warranty?


STMW will warranty any issues with the actual metal work such as welds for the original purchaser of the product. However, we do not warranty any damage caused by abuse. Powdercoat is warrantied for 90 days after original purchase. If you have any issues with your product please email Tyler at We want you to be happy with your STMW product and will do what we can to make it right if we feel that we have made a mistake.


Do STMW bumpers work with Body Lifts?


No. If you have a body lift on your truck our bumpers will not line up properly. You can make or have someone make custom frame brackets for you. We do not guarantee or warranty any bumpers on body lifts.


Will STMW custom make me a bumper? Hitch? Tire Rack?


Not currently. Our current design takes up 100% of our time. Also we are continually trying to R&D for new year/make/model trucks coming out. We hope to have new STMW products coming to the market soon! We are currently not making Hitches, roof racks, or tire racks.

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