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2010-2019 Ram 2500/3500 STMW-HD Front Bumper. STMW-HD bumpers were designed with a plate center section that houses a 20" LED Light bars to light up any mission. These bumpers are built to not only look tough; but are designed to add clearance up to 6+ inches depending on the vehicle type. Bumper can be ordered without 20" LED which will have a mesh plate for airflow. All Bumpers Come Powder Coated Black Bumpers must be signed on delivery Bumpers are made for 2x KCHilites 40" LEDs. If you plan on using a non KC LED you MUST email us the model so that we may make adjustements.



Please leave a note on your order if you can not sign for the delivery or have any other requests (special requests may entail a charge).


Orders arrive within 6-8 Weeks

10-19 Ram 2500/3500 STMW-HD Front Bumper

$2,250.00 Regular Price
$1,950.00Sale Price
  • STMW bumpers are fabricated using: – 2x2” 11 GA. Square tubing ASTM-A-500 – 3/16” side plates/center section ASTM-A-36 – 1/4” mounts – ASTM-A-36 – Powder coated in textured black
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