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STMW HDx Coming Soon

Introducing the STMW HDx Front Bumper. The HDx Front Bumper all came together by a great client asking for specific style for his application. After posting a short video to instagram we were amazed at the popularity; thus the HDx was born. We currently have the Shop F-350 Platinum in house getting the HDx mocked up. The picture shown above is a CONCEPT RENDERING; the HDx may vary slightly. The pre-order registration below is for customers who DO WANT the HDx as soon as it comes out. The list is not an official order form; it purely will be the order in which we call customers to build and take the official order for their STMW HDx front bumper. Therefore; if you want to be one of the first with an HDx then you need to fill out the form below ASAP. This is not a contract or sale, it is purely a registration to be one of the first. 

The first HDx Bumpers will be for 2017-2019 Ford F250 and F350 followed shortly by 2011-2016 F250 and F350. We will then follow up with Chevrolet and Ram etc.

Thank You From The STMW Team:

Brandon, Dustin, Tyler, Tammy, Kristen

HDx Pre-Order Registration


Built off the stout STMW HD Front Bumper with added 3/16" side plates.


The 3/16" side plates are added to accept 2" 11 gauge square tubing headlight and grille protection.


Optional Laser Cut 11 gauge mesh insert.


Includes Frame Brackets and Grade 8 hardware.


Bumpers can big shipped textured black or raw so that customers can do custom colors.


Expected pricing to be $2,950 Plus shipping for a textured black and $2,850 plus shipping for raw.


  • The photo shown above is purely a concept rendering by Innov8designlab. Although we feel it is nearly identical to the final product, it can still vary once completed.

  • This is NOT a bill of sale or contract, this is purely a registration to pre-order the HDx upon release.

  • Orders for the HDx will be taken in order of registration (they are timestamped so first to fill out will get the chance to order the first HDx.)

  • Pricing is subject to change but estimated retail price will be $2,950 for textured black plus shipping and $2,850 for raw plus shipping.

  • Dealers are more then welcome to register.

  • The first HDx bumpers will be made for 2017-2019 F-250 and F-350 Ford Superduty trucks. We expect to do 2011-2016 soon after and then more following that. 

  • There is currently not an office release date but are hoping for mid December 2019.

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