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2015 Ford F-450 Platinum
The STMW HD450

The STMW HD450 is the pinnacle of STMW design and craft. Sometimes called the "STMW-Beast" on Social Media the HD450 was a 2015 F-450 that debuted our newest bumper design called STMW-HD. The truck debuted at SEMA 2016 in our booth next our Jeep Rubicon showcasing our new HD Bumper design and foreshadowing the future of STMW product design and development. Outside of SEMA the truck has been showcased by Truckin Magazine and a show-stopper at LoneStar Throwdown. We hope you enjoy this portfolio of the STMW HD450. 

STMW HD Bumper

The STMW HD450 debuted our new STMW-HD Front Bumper at SEMA 2016. STMW-HD bumpers were designed with a plate center section that houses a 20" LED Light bars to light up any mission. These bumpers are built to not only look tough; but are designed to add clearance up to 6+ inches depending on the vehicle type. Bumper can be ordered without 20" LED which will have a mesh plate for airflow. The STMW HD Bumper also featured a 1-off STMW Grille, STMW Machined Fender Badges, and our Original Bumper design in the rear. We ran Rogue4 LEDs in the front and rear bumper. 

STMW Suspension

Besides debuting our new line of STMW-HD Front Bumpers, the STMW HD450 also foreshadowed a whole new product line coming to STMW. 

The STMW 18" 4-Link Suspension:

  • 16" travel King dual rate coilovers.

  • Dual 2 1/2-inch King steering stabilizers.

  • Heavy-duty DOM tie rod.

  • Draglink & Panhard Bar 1 1/4-inch Forged Ballistic joints.

  • Fabricated STMW transmission crossmember between the subframe.

  • STMW rear 4-link adjustable air suspension.

  • Firestone bags with dual Viair 480 compressors.

  • 14" travel 2 1/2" King reservoir shocks

  • Machined STMW reservoir clamps

STMW 450HD Misc.

Besides just our own products, STMW was proud to sponsor with many others companies to help compliments the truck. 

  • 40x15.50x24 Nitto Trail Grapplers wrapped around 24x16 American Force Realm 10-Lug Wheels.

  • RoadWire Leather Interior.

  • WetSounds Door Speakers.

  • Custom Intake and Intercooler piping by Barret Wygant. 

  • Prismatic Peeka Blue Powder.

  • Monster Hooks.

  • Lucas Oil.

  • HornBlasters.

  • Retrax Bed Cover.

  • BedRug

  • JRL Metal Products Exhaust Tip.

  • Gold Standard Headlights.

STMW 450HD Showing Off


The STMW 450HD has been the FlagShip truck of ShowTime Metal Works. It has been in our booth at the LoneStar Throwdown show in Conroe Tx as well as the SEMA 2016 Show in Las Vegas. 


We would like to thank Phil Gordon (IhatePhil) for the amazing photos provided in the first few sections. The truck was Showcased by Truckin Magazine / Truck Trend Media. 

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